GoodNews Message to all Artistes Worldwide,
If Only You Have Good Songs and you are Ready to move forward in the Music Industry easily then i think this is the Right Time and Place for you to belong because Freebeatzz Records Teams are Now Selecting Some Serious Artistes with Good Qualified Songs and also Good Outfit, If You have these Qualities Mentioned then send Your Song to Our Email: [email protected] and send a message to Our Whatsapp that you have send your Song for Us to Listen So we Disscuss the Next Level on Our Career if only you Song is been Listed and Approve by the Music Engineers at Freebeatzz Records: +2348090698431…@freebeatzz.
Note: All Artistes must have Some Qualities approved before becoming a member.
Our Motto is: …With Agreements we Shine!
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How are you Today Hope all is well?

There is GoodNews to Share with you Today, Congratulation because we are already start moving Forward.

But now the time has come, you have been trying your best to get a Record Label which have not been Seen,
Now i think is time for us to March Foward to our Destiny with speed by the Grace of God.

Freebeatzz Records have set a Platform that we make all the Artistes Move forward Smoothly and also Gain Royalties.

Registration Fees Will be Charge in other to move Foward with our career.

The Reason why you must Join The Freebeatzz Records Rules as an up coming Artistes:

1.They will gives your Song to all Djs from Different States in Nigeria Like:
Ibadan, Abuja, Port, Benin,Lagos, ikeja and all other Social States within and even outside Nigeria.

2.They Will Fix your Song to Itunes,Amazon, Spotify and about 150+ other Online Music Marketing

3. The Group will Promote each Artiste within Them Respectively accordding to our Strategies.

4. Other Bigger Records Labels will Easily Location you through Our Promotion Process.

5. They will Help Make Low Cost Family Prices of Artistes Wears Customize.

6. All members shall like and share each other posts regularly on any social Media Top Sites Like:
Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Whatsapp, Google Plus and many other Top Social Sites.

7. All Members shall introduced them Self Fully so that every One can know what do, during the Time of Help to Solve any Issue.

8. Note!: This Group will be Containing both Nigerian and Foreign Upcoming Artiste that will make us gain Shows within and Outsider

9. All Members in this Group will Visit various Hotels Near by your Area in Other to make Arrangement with them to Create Music Events
Shows that will benifit all members that feel like to Partcipate.

10. Any Clients you bring in to both Freebeatzz, Kushmp3, Generalprintings and other will brings to you ten(10%) Percents.

You can Contact me on :

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